Theme songs

I can't think of my current WIP without channeling Gaga and Bad Romance. Not only does that song reverberate in my head at least once a day, it sums up the whole zombie love train that I'm currently the captain of -- whooo whoooo. Sorry for that, too long of a day and not enough cocoa puffs this morning. Makes me stabby.

During NaNo, many writers have their soundtrack ready to go. While I can't write to music playing, I can't convince my brain to turn off its inner boogie so I hum Bad Romance under my breath until my kids throw something heavy at me to stop. If THE ZOMBIE DATING GUIDE sells, Gaga get her own dedication. I hope she'll make Undead Fred into a new tattoo.

Do each of your WIPs have its own song?

And why do I have an urge for a mayo sandwich? What the heck was that about in the Telephone video?


  1. I can't listen to music when I write either but all of my novels have soundtracks. I make lists on my ipod and play them over & over to & from work when I'm writing or editing that particular book :)
    Thanks for getting lady gag-me in my head... again... :P

  2. I'd rather stab pencils into my ears than listen to Gag-me. O.o

  3. Song.I.hate that is now in my head after reading Angie's post: Shiny happy people. Yes you, Angie girl. YOU are my stabby happy people... ;)