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The Boxcar Children Guide to Adventure: A How-To for Mystery Solving, Make-It-Yourself Projects, and More -- written under Gertrude Chandler Warner (Albert Whitman & Co)

"The Boxcar Children have long been known for being creative and resourceful. This hardcover book is filled with fun how-to guides for everyday adventures. It includes tips and tricks for mystery solving (how to make invisible ink and create secret codes), travel (how to pack a suitcase; how to take great snapshots), and enjoying the great outdoors. Plus each of the four Boxcar Children has their own section--practical advice from Jessie, a "roughing it" guide from Henry, crafts and art projects from Violet, and recipes from Benny! A great gift for Boxcar fans." -- Amazon

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Haunted Stuff: Demonic Dolls, Screaming Skulls, and Other Creepy Collectibles: (Llewellyn) 

"Finding a one-of-a-kind antique doll at a garage sale is a great feeling--until you bring that doll home and discover it's haunted. Objects with restless spirits attached to them can quietly invade a home through auctions, antique dealers, estate sales, garage sales, and inheritance. This spooky collection examines a wide variety of haunted items, from screaming skulls to demonic dolls, and how they affect the owner's life.

Haunted Stuff provides true accounts of possessed possessions, often found in the strangest places. Discover chilling stories of the island of haunted dolls, the tumbling coffin, Rudolph Valentino's cursed ring, and even the Queen Mary ocean liner--one of the largest haunted items of all. Experience these true accounts that will make you look closer at the antiques on your shelf . . . and wonder if that creepy doll just blinked." -- Amazon

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The Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide takes the improbable and teaches girls aged 10-14 to sort through the fluff seen on television with a practical handbook to work through what they discover and how to interpret the facts. The Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide teaches how to conduct an investigation (with adult supervision), how to interpret what’s seen and how to determine if it’s a raccoon under the shed or something to explore further.

While the reality of ghost hunting involves sitting for hours in drafty, cold places without a hint of the unusual to break up the monotony, those tiny whispers of the impossible can keep investigators searching for the next signal from beyond. Tween girls are listening. The Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide will give them the tools to fine tune their curiosity into a lifelong hobby that may answer the question not “what if” but “why not?”

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The Zombie Tarot (Quirk Books) is beautifully illustrated by Paul Kepple and Ralph Geroni of Headcase Designs (Housewives Tarot) while I bring up the rear - literally - with fun and sassy card descriptions. A working deck, it will soon become a favorite with both tarot and zombie enthusiasts.

The Zombie Tarot was chosen as a Los Angeles Times Summer Reading Guide pick for 2012.

The Zombie Tarot

Stacy Graham and Paul Kepple of Headcase Design
Quirk Books, $16.95

This publisher's not called Quirk for nothing. It has given us the ghoul-meets-Jane-Austen novel "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" by Seth Grahame Smith (screenwriter for Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" among other things), Ransom Rigg's "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" ... and now a deck of Tarot cards riffing on the popularity of zombies. The accompanying booklet gives a quick, breezy guide to the Major and Minor Arcana, as well as a how-to for conducting a successful reading. Just the sort of thing you'd expect to find on Ozzy Osbourne's nightstand. (June)

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Video review for Zombie Tarot:

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