The Zombie Dating Guide website

Ahhhh, that feels better. I've unleashed The Zombie Dating Guide's website tonight and I'm gearing up for the next step in my platform. Undead Fred drinking games. No? Hmmm... I'll work on it.

Please stop by the site and tell me what you think! I'll be adding more sections as we go along: merchandise (shot glasses for the aforementioned drinking games maybe?), videos a la Love Connection, zombie hookups- because who can resist a zombie getting his groove on, eh?

A big thank you to my Testimoooooanial zombies: Melanie Avila, Dana Fredsti, David Fitzgerald and Jan Kozlowski. And the lovely and talented Jason Tudor for his skill in Zombie Tarot (we WILL get that project off the ground!) and flowerpicking without getting caught in the graveyard.

Undead Fred & Stace

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