Falling out of the funk

Today has been a humdinger. I'm ready to throw in the towel and pack up the family for a well-deserved vacay after a craptastic year - but we're stuck here in the ice in Virginia. So, to get my mind away from frigid temps and onto little fruity drinks with umbrellas in them, I'm telling the wee girls stories of malicious spirits and true love trapped on a faraway island under a gentle sun (because I burn like crazy). It helps them to relax and does even more for me; I'm no longer futzing about unmopped floors or self-imposed deadlines, I deserve to tell a story for the sake of rolling words on my tongue and painting the sky burnt orange if I feel like it.

Writing for publication can suck the fun right out of the process for me, the business side overshadows the urge to spill any secrets I've had locked inside (though I'm sure I'd make good money off of them, come to think of it). ;) What do you do when you're trapped in a funk?


  1. First up, hugs for the hawt momma!


    I have a playlist full of Tim Minchin vids on Youtube that I set playing when I'm feeling blah. Perks me up every time. :-)


  2. Sorry this year has been so yucky. :(

    When I want to 'escape' I let my imagination take over. Sometimes I am living in a Jane Austen novel, other times I am wondering the halls at Hogwarts. These 'escapes' never go down on paper. They are only for me.

  3. I read a fun book. Janet Evanovich usually works. :)

  4. Y'all know me so well. Evanovich and Austen are two of my favorites! I finished #15 last weekend, Mel. Must be time to hit Persuasion again. ;)

  5. Definitely do something to break routine. Part of the funk is not seeing fruits of your labor. So, find some fruit. It helps if you can break the task into smaller parts and reward yourself at each milestone. Make each reward greater than the last.

    As for the aside, I try to do something completely out of my wheelhouse. I also try to meet with friends and others who have some juice, and vibe off them. Finally, I'll try something small. Creating something small can lead to creating something bigger and lead me back to where I was with said funked-up project.

    Ice melts. Remote islands are remote. :)

  6. You rock, Stacey. I bet you have the best stories for those girls of yours.

    We look for anything different. I was just telling someone else we like Freeze Dance. Play a bumpin' song, something to get the whole family moving, and watch everyone spin out when the music gets paused. It's great fun, and you can do it with a whole cd.

    Hang in there.

  7. Thanks for delurking and congrats on the book!

    As much as I want to publish a book someday, I see how easily one could come to loathe both the book and the process.

    I like to go back to my favorite writers, or listen to something hilarious on my ipod.

  8. Thanks for your comments and support, y'all, it means a lot to have *family* when having one of those rare days. :)

    Ann, your blog is high on my list of fun things to read. Thanks for stopping in and saying hello!