My Pivot in Publishing

I've taken my relationship with publishing to the next level and joined Red Sofa Literary as an associate agent. I will be representing books in the following categories:

  • Spooky MG 
  • New Age with a strong platform
  • History (Colonial US and British History) --fiction and nonfiction. Adult or MG
  • Quirky nonfiction -- adult and MG/YA
  • Romance -- historical
  • Picture books - quirky nonfiction
I will regretfully need to pass on YA, memoir, and fantasy. Please submit your query to stacey[at] If I think we're a great fit, I'll ask for the first three chapters or a finished book proposal. Please do not send unrequested attachments, chapters, or a synopsis as this is not agency policy. 

Not sure of the steps to build a great book proposal? Get help here

I am also working closely with Boundary Stone Films and Park Slope Productions, keeping my eyes peeled for great new projects. 

I will continue to write as I can't keep my fingers out of the publishing pie for too long. What's first? Ouija or a biography of Agatha Christie?