PLEASE NOTE: I WILL NOT OPEN UNREQUESTED ATTACHMENTS nor click a link to see your website and/or sample pages in a query. Standard procedure, my friends. Emails with unrequested attachments will be deleted without response. 
It's been nearly two months of agenting at Red Sofa Literary and I'm already off to a grand start. Two authors, Catherine Curzon of A Covent Garden Gilflurt's Guide to Life with her fantastic historical romance, The Mistress of Blackstairs, and Jonathan Ashley's amazing Book of Spacetronauts (PB) have me open to categories I didn't know I needed until I saw them in my inbox. Thus, I have adapted my representative categories to reflect romance and picture books added to the Ottoman Empire and replacing memoir submissions.

I'd like to stress that these authors are the exception. Please don't send sports queries or screenplays. I love them to pieces but there are agents better suited to their unique needs. 

So, what's hopping in my inbox lately? A lot of fantastic horror, MG, and picture books. While I'd love to cuddle the heck out of all of them and call them my own, I'd be ultimately unable to give each of my authors the special attention they need so I'm restraining myself.

I'd love to see more humor, quirky nonfiction (all ages), and I have to admit I'm longing for another historical romance right about now. And did I mention my rather unconventional love for the Headless Horseman? I love a Hessian with an attitude.

Carried away? I wish. Here headless, headless, headless...

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