Gettin' down with yer bad self

Because I'm old like that, I have only just discovered Pandora Radio online. I can now torture my children to the Beatles and Green Day while they wiggle to Lady Gaga in the next room and tell me I'm a fogey. I need to work with them on their insults. Fogey? Really? I think I'm raising the Golden Girls sometimes.

However, while I'm writing, I need the silence of death in order to concentrate. No easy task with five noisy kids and a husband who believes my one joy in life is making him a sandwich and listening to him burp (do they ever outgrow this?). Coffeeshops have banned me because of the aforementioned kids and a nasty incident involving a Macchiato. Who knew a boatload of caffeine and sugar would give a kid an adverse reaction? ;) Anywho, there are legions of writers that cannot emit an emotion without a plethora of songs they've lovingly downloaded onto their iPod. What's your soundtrack?

(Okay, I caught myself singing along to Daytripper just now. I couldn't figure out where the off-key note was coming from, thinking to myself Paul's hitting the booze again - then realized it was me. Maybe my kids have a point. )

Bonus joke:
How do you make Lady Gaga cry?

Poke-er face


  1. My iPod is a hodge-podge. I have what I like to call "eclectic" taste in music, but others would probably just call it "weird." Mine has everything from Ella Fitzgerald to Kevin Spacey singing Bobby Darin songs (because I'm THAT much of a movie nerd) to Monty Python songs to Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti. Oh, and throw in a couple of clarinet concertos and a couple of violin concertos for good measure. Yes, I know I'm weird, you don't have to remind me, lol.

  2. I still haven't checked out Pandora. Someday... I'm the same way about music while I write. If I need help getting into the right mood I like having a certain playlist on, but otherwise I need quiet. Especially while editing.

    Ya fogey. ;)

  3. ""...due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S.""

    *Frowny face*

    When I started writing, I needed deathly silence. I managed to step up to instrumentals (classical violin mostly), then finally quiet music.

    Now I can listen to anything, though it's better if the tempo is suited to the tempo of the book. :)


  4. Apparently Pandora is too awesome for international ears. pfffftttt. boooo.

    I've tried listening to music during NaNo but I already have a short attention span - that made it worse.

  5. Pfft!

    We can use Spotify over here, which is pretty good, but I tend to stick with my own stuff most of the time. :)

    My training took a while. I was at the clasical violin stage for months. ;-)


  6. I love pandora... and I love daytripper, lol! I am a huge fan of Holly Brook, A Fine Frenzy, Kate Nash, Lily Allen, they give me huge inspiration!

  7. I write a lot at work and have the radio off when I do. I'm with you. Customers come in & say, "Geez! It's like a morgue in here!"

    *runs to check out Pandora*

  8. Grrr. Pandora is unavailable over here, I'm told.

    Um, Green fricken Day is fogeyish?! Wowww...

    I'm goin' the whole fogey hog, and I'm settin' up the turntable in a couple weeks - ah, the sweet sound of crackling vinyl!

    I hope you had the time of yer liiiiife, you...