Business cards for writers

After reading a great article by my friend, Jennifer Chait, on business cards for bloggers, it reminded me of the old box of cards I have stuck in my drawer. I have a holder in my purse, usually whipped out during the kids' sporting events for future playdates, but I have to be honest and say I rarely use them in a professional manner.

Now I love my design, but would I pass this out at conferences? Perhaps because I'm odd like that but more likely I'd get a new set made. Next time it will be less panache and more business-like (zzzzzzzzzzzzzz).

What to include on your shiny new writer-type business card:
  • Name (don't laugh, you'd be surprised how many want to slip in a pen name like "Stephen King." I tried that once, they told me I was too chesty for King but called me Stevie the rest of the night)
  • Business name if applicable
  • Email
  • Website/blog
  • Address/phone (thoughts on this?)
  • Do you label yourself as a "writer" or "blogger" or just as "awesome"? Any label at all?
  • Logo
More tips:
  • Leave plenty of white space for contacts to write notes on
  • Speaking of which, while black can be a great way to have your card stand out from the rest, it's a RY@*($@ to write on
  • Use a good quality cardstock. I know it's tempting to pull the tabbies off cheap cards from Staples - the ones that actually make it through your printer in one piece - but resist and support your locally-owned print shop (good karma, people)
  • Okay, okay. Axe the giant clip art even though it's pretty. Fine. Whatever. Let's consider this my "learner" card ;)
  • Please, by all that is good and kind in this world, do not include a headshot of yourself. Aside from creepy, it makes me think you're selling someone's fixer upper. Nooooooooo
What would you include/leave off your business card?


  1. It's funny to think about, because it's so true. Business cards are always tough because you want to add your creative edge but at the same time you want to maintain a professional attitude and appeal for those to grab you.

    My friend has a pink business card and it works wonders, she is a wedding photographer and 9 times out of 10 they choose her card... but the profession could also say a lot!

    Great blog!

  2. This is a great idea! Thanks for the pointers. I am preparing to make my own website, but I never thought about cards! Perhaps adding your twitter addy would be a good idea too. Thanks again!

    BTW - Your card is lovely. :)

  3. No headshot?! No! I love people who have headshots. Especially if you're headed somewhere like a conference. Otherwise, I have a pile of cards belonging to names I can't place with a face. The ones with no headshots go in the trash right away.

    Headshots rock, in my book!

  4. :Jen:
    That's why I went with the writer but now I'm thinking pink for the next set. Though with my writing, I'd be better off dripping with zombie goo. ;)

    Can't wait to see your new website! Give me a holler when it's finished so I can link it. =)

    I love the Twitter angle, now to train myself for more than following Shaq. ;)

    Hmmm, I hadn't thought of that angle - just that the card would join the piles of realtor cards stacking up in my recycle bin for giving me the stink eye.

    Good point!

  5. I have a business card that opens, so the formal logo & my name are on the front, and on the inside is my e-mail/website address and P.O. Box. (Because I don't want people dropping Star Trek rock opera mss. on my porch.) No photo. If they got my buisness card, they know what I look like. This leaves two blank sides of white space for making notes.

  6. Hawt momma,

    That card rocks! I'd be more likely to retain that that some dull ole white thing. I am strange though... ;)


  7. As a designer (ahem) I can tell you horror stories about colored cards. Our company had neon green on one side -- the side that was crammed with information -- and dark purple on the other. They looked awesome, but there was nowhere to write. Oops.

    I need to make business cards for myself here (again, as a designer) but if I were to make writer cards I would also include my genres, non-fiction... the things I would do for pay.

  8. :Sharyn:
    *trashes fanfic love triange between Worf, Uhura and a tribble*

    There's a lot to be said about a simple white card. zzzzzzzzzzzzz ;)

    Wow. Just wow. That's nearly as bad as the simple white card. An overload of information!

    So far, my next choice is leaning toward Sharyn's peek-a-boo card. I wonder if they have one that plays music yet? I'm picking the 1812 Overture.

  9. I LOVE your old business card. It's totally one you'd keep on your wall and look at. I guess from a professional standpoint people might think it's too artsy or busy, but I really like it. Professionalism is overrated anyhow. I think getting noticed is smarter. Oh, and thanks for the link love :)

  10. Yeah, I love the old card too. It's gorgeous! I used to keep favorite business cards tacked to my bulletin board if they were unique. Although you could mix it up by having Undead Fred and Jane Austen duke it out with light sabers on your new card. ;)