Zombielicious cupcakes!

My eldest daughter and I love to bake and cupcakes top the list (next to granola) so this Mother's Day we had a zombie cupcake THROWDOWN. Yes, I enjoy capitalizing random words when it pertains to food items.

We used double chocolate cake mix and added our own innards of choice: strawberry jam (hers) and fresh strawberries (mine) for texture. My children ate the candies I had set aside for decoration so we had to stick with making strawberry frosting redder with food coloring but here are the pictorial steps below for your own zombielicious cakes!

My agent just wrote to tell me THE ZOMBIE DATING GUIDE has left the building for editors, cross your fingers for us! Dawn gets the biggest cupcake tonight!! Thank you!!!


  1. hell to the yes! good luck stace!!! you're gonna be triple published. Lamishia

  2. These don't look as scary now that I know what's in them, lol.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!! Gahhhhhhh!

  3. Mmmm, these weren't as good as the margarita cupcakes I made a few days later. I'm lovin' the lime!