No No NaNo?

Okay, this has not been the most productive NaNo ever for me. Time, work, five kids and a cold have sucked the lovin' right out of me this past week and I'm woefully behind. However, I will persevere *raises fist to sky* and at least crank out 15k by the end of the month. I'd better or my MLs, LaMishia and Susan, will take back my stickers. Oh noes! The t-shirt is awesome this year, by the way, makes me feel all author-y. Well, that and gin.

The Spirit Closet is humming away nicely in its outline, however, so I simply need to jot down all those thoughts into some weird mildly-coherent form. I keep forgetting to break down NaNo to its most basic points: write - don't edit. As soon as I turn off that freak function, I'll be fine. Right?

Stop laughing.

How is your NaNo coming along (or WIP)?


  1. I'm trying to get back on track.

    Love the shirt!!! Good luck!

  2. You too! I've cranked out a bit more today but have a loooooong way to go.


  3. Whee! 1550 for today! I love adverbs---

  4. Hey, Melissa here. :P (I really need to find out what the hell my blogger password is, sigh...)

    Anyhow, I was on track last night, all ready to write tonight, then WHAM.

    Migraine. My head sucks.

  5. booooo migraines! I think I had my very first one about two weeks ago. A bright white zigzag coming out of my right eye then a wraparound headache. Luckily I didn't have the sensitivity to light/sound that so many have so I treated it like a laser light show and waited for it to finish up with Freebird.

    I'm up to 6027 on NaNo tonight, not great progress but never give up, never give in!

    Feel better, Melissa!!