Marketing your book - what works for you?

As my thoughts turn to agent queries, book proposals and marketing, the universe has thrown me a bone this week. I've been approached by some lovely people looking for advice on marketing, tweets leading me to query articles and now Nathan Bransford has posted on his blog about marketing.

Two things stuck with me the most:
  • A literary agent had an eight-sentence query that knocked her socks off. It supplied everything she needed to know and cut through the fluff. That's my new goal for queries!
  • Focus on what you can realistically do to market your book. Do what you're passionate about and have fun doing and the results will follow, be it social networking, lectures or book trailers.
So what are you doing to have the world chant your name?


  1. So far, bugger all (it ain't out yet). ;-)

    If I put a comment here though, I'll be emailed with other people's comments/tips! Genius!

    Adam, cleverz.

  2. Ugh, it just occurred to me yesterday that I should probably be starting the query and synopsis for my current wip. I'm about to start draft three, which I hope will be the final draft, and I don't like saving it for the last minute.

    I'm trying to get my name out there but I HATE marketing myself. I'm hoping my new gig will help.

    Is the 8-sentence query posted someplace?

  3. Nope, just a twitter mention that I can't find buried under posts anymore. She did say they listed all the pertinent information in those sentences so I assume they cut out the fluffy bits about how much their mom liked their manuscript.