Tattered and torn - Gothic romances & hidden boots

I'm in the mood for something full of ghosts and castles, women in diaphanous gowns that snag on tangled trees as they run from the horror of the night. Yep. Sign me up for a Gothic romance; I'm ready to submerge in a story that has nothing to do with the 21st century and everything to do with stone homes with objects (or people) buried in the walls. I'm fascinated with objects deliberately hidden within old homes, what do they say about the people who left them? Warding off evil spells? Hastily dropped garments before her husband walked in on her and her lover? What about the hidden rooms and crawl spaces that held secrets only to be discovered hundreds of years later? The mind boggles.

There's a story of my own that's bubbling beneath the surface, but before I sit to write it I'd love a recommendation of yours for a great Gothic story to get me in the mood! Whatcha got hiding behind your walls?

Image courtesy of flickr.com


  1. I enjoyed reading Jane Eyre. No hidden objects, but there is a hidden person. :D

  2. I keep coming back to that! Loved it but want to branch out. Georgette Heyer maybe? Austen's Northanger Abbey is on the list as soon as I can find it (neither library nor bookstores around here carry it, WTF?) but where are the new authors (whine)?

    Come on ladies, I know you're out there!