Ever notice that when things run smoothly, you forget to talk about it? An Army of Ermas is thriving. The writers are fresh and funny, the schedule hops along nicely with people lining up to step in if someone can't make a post date (which rarely happens) and editing is a breeze since my handpicked contributors can be trusted to be the professionals they are (THANK YOU, ERMAS!). We've had a few wiggles in the road in our first few months as we adjust to this new community of writers. Most of us have known each other for months if not years via the writing behemoth, Absolute Write, and we welcome our newer Ermas as they knock on the back door and bring us that cup of sugar we were missing to make the recipe complete.

If you haven't been by An Army of Ermas lately, drop on by and see what goofiness they're up to lately. I run a column about once a month when I can squeeze in and plan on expanding the site this summer - you know, when I have all this extra time with the five kids home...


  1. Ermas is a dream come true. What a glorious day, the day it evolved. Thank you for wearing so many hats!

  2. *Looks around* Nice new look!! :D

    I've most certainly enjoyed reading the Ermas. Lots of fun!

  3. It is awesome!

    I lurve this new background, too. It's soft and pretty, without being too girly-girl.

  4. It's about time you turned your offspring into a band. Think of the extra time you'll get to yourself while they tour! ;)


    PS - Love AoE. There are some great posts on there. :-)