I have a new appreciation for geriatric flexibility

I recently returned from a quick trip to Florida to hang out with alligators and friends. On the way, I outlined my new WIP while in the wild blue, and for the first time in a long time -- looked around. I've been stuck on the mountaintop for long winter months, and the airport plus my in flight rowmates were unknowingly awesome. 

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  1. Leaving from DC, I expected to sit near politicians, lobbyists, and other assorted miscreants. What I didn't quite expect was to eavesdrop (they were standing in front of me) on a judge discuss with fellow passengers the legal system -- and how to get off of a murder charge. Nice. To. Know.
  2. To the nice man in the white suit, wearing copious amounts of expensive jewelry and possibly fleeing justice that I sat next to on the flight to Boston (connecting flight): Yelling at your lawyer that he'd better get you off of that charge or else something bad may happen -- while on a plane with 100 other people -- may not be the best time to discuss your case. Pissing off Michael our flight attendant with the highest bouffant hairdo I've seen on a man was your second mistake. Telling Michael that his coffee sucked was mine. We'll go down together.
  3. My favorite rowmate was on the trip home. I sat on the aisle and as a 60-ish lady came down the path, I knew I was lucky enough to share space with this wonderful woman. When she stopped in front of me and pointed with her middle finger to her seat, I knew we'd be good friends. When she told me to get my ass up so she could get in (I was already moving), I felt we had been kin for years. After she was settled, I went back to working on Clementine (working title) and kept my head down lest she started getting weirder. It didn't help. After our third rowmate got comfy in his window seat and the plane started to taxi, my new friend propped both of her feet up against either side of the seat in front of her and assumed the childbirth position. I have a new appreciation for geriatric flexibility.

    As the plane got closer to taking off, she started to mumble a little bit. She remained in that position until we landed a few hours later, only dropping her unshod feet when the attendants came by. I slid a few sly glances her way to make sure she was alright, but her reassuring middle finger flipped my way when she caught me told me she was okey-dokey. Rock on, granny.
Will these three make it into the new book. Oh, hell yes. 

Where do you do your best character gathering?

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  1. Well of course, these people must become characters... it's practically to be expected!

    I remember the odd time flying out of here on standby, I'd end up on occasion sitting near a cabinet minister.