The Daniel Craig method of writing fiction. You're welcome, Internet.

Yesterday, I sent Haunted Stuff off to my editor with a gentle shove. While I wait for line edits, I'm kicking around some new ideas and reminding myself how to write fiction again. This graphic I made years ago may help a tiny bit -- if I can get past his abs. And legs. And lovely blue eyes.

Where were we? Right. The writing process. I'm going to give some spooky MG a go this time. All that advice to stick with one genre? Pfffft. You're a writer; do what you love, you little rebel. 

Photo credit: the Retronaut and the Victoria and Albert Museum

I'm fascinated with these Georgian eye miniatures. Creepy yet strangely intriguing, I know they'll end up in a story somewhere. My new 3rd grade Poe story? How about sneaking into my Cabinet Seance outline for the 6th graders? 

What's next on your yellow legal pad, Internet?


  1. *drools*

    What were you talking about?

  2. Oh yeah! Writing. And...creepy eyes.


  3. Daniel Craig in swimwear is also handy for a distraction when one wants to pull off a jewel hei... oops, said too much.

    Eye miniatures? Creepy indeed...

  4. Curious reading about the eye miniatures... reminds me of the habit of death masks or casts of hands in death that seemed prominent in the 19th century. Along with miniature coffins of keepsakes.

    I was at the Bytown Museum here on the weekend (reputed to be haunted), and there were plaster casts of the hands of a politician here who'd been assassinated in the 1860s.

  5. I had seen miniatures and locks of hair accompany soldiers and sailors but not the eyes. I find it

    I once saw the toe bone of Calamity Jane in a museum in Laramie, Wyoming, in 1986. I've never forgotten it - I know it has to work into a story somewhere. ;)