I love to write at night. I swear I'm part wombat since I skulk around my house turning off extraneous lights as soon as the sun goes down. If I could write by candlelight and the computer, I'd be all over it -- at least until my optician brings down the axe on my eyesight with a new set of reading glasses. Not sexy.

Due to my schedule, however, most writing gets shoved into the early afternoon while the girls are in school and if I can convince the four-year-old to play with something other than sharp objects. I've read of parents that rise before the crack of dawn to crank out a few pages, if I did that they'd be filled with absurd vowel usage and likely more than one expletive if the coffee weren’t finished yet. I'm sure my beta readers appreciate the wait until the afternoon.

But in those quiet hours after I duct tape the children to their beds and the husband is wrapped up in another sudoku, I can get back to pirates and ghosts (or whatever the flavor of story is at the moment) with only the moon for company. And I am, at last, in the groove.

When's your groove?


  1. I can write at any time now (took a while till I could, though), but I write best at night, between the hours of 1 and 5am.

    I'm not much the next morning/afternoon, though. :P


  2. One of my favorite writers shared that she writes only at night and up long enough to have breakfast with her family before they go off to school/work, then she hits the sack. She thought it was the perfect arrangement since she couldn't risk doing housework in the middle of the night so no vacuuming chores. ;)

  3. If I'm not working my day job, between 2-8pm. If I am, 7-9pm are the golden hours... :)

  4. Hmmm... haven't discovered it yet. Between laundry, emo kids, toilet scrubbing, grocery shopping, and convincing the treadmill that I am too busy to use it, I have a total of 45 minutes to myself. Which is why I am switching gears and sticking with short stories and poems for now. Glad you've got the afternoons!! Let me know when you need some more duct tape. :D

  5. I ache to be a night writer, but the damn day job insists I get up at five on weekdays so my writing tends to be late afternoon/early evening.

  6. Gotta luv The Hoff!

    I usually write at night, in a haze of stale coffee and smoke. Working the night shift, I just never have time to write when its light outside.

    Maybe I am a vampire. LOL

  7. Amy, that just adds atmosphere. And lung disease.

    If I could convince hubby to get the kids ready for school in the morning, I'd be up all night. Power to the night owls!

  8. If I'm really on a roll I can write all day. Oddly though, if an idea isn't swarming at me - my brain wakes up around 3. This sucks since I go home at 4:30. Not sure why that is. Methinks I need to kick my muse.