Coffeehouse of the Damned - Zombie poetry & Valentines

I'm not a poet. They live in lofts and wear berets and can rhyme the word "orange" while looking delicate and lovely. I'm more of a scrapper. I can twist song lyrics into weird and wonderful new sentence structures that make my children laugh. Every once in a while, I come up with a dirty limerick but I save those for special occasions, like Christmas and my grandmother's birthday, "Wha? She did what with a poodle? Oh, Stacey."

Thus, I never expected to have zombie poetry and haiku fall into my lap. The Coffeehouse of the Damned has been working its way into my brain for about six months now, since I started composing ditties for The Zombie Dating Guide's facebook fan page, but didn't take me by the throat until today.

And, it being a month before Hallmark's second favorite holiday, I thought I'd share the Undead love with some with ZDG's new Valentine line:

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