Wordle weasels

It looks pretty sazzy, eh? Below are the highlights of my upcoming book, Haunted Stuff, using the web-based program Wordle. I'm using the program to catch the weasels in the book: the words that are overused, extraneous, or make me wonder how it wiggled in there in the first place.

While some words will obviously stay being the focus of a chapter such as "ships" or "house," I'm going back to whack some of the many "may" that snuck in. Sometimes being a paranormal nonfiction writer makes me a little too cautious about being definitive in a sentence.  ;) 

What stands out to you? Buried? Wayne? How about skulls (one of my favorite chapters)?

Do you ever use Wordle in your editing? Do you find it effective or just fun to play with fonts?

While you're here, check out the updated Haunted Stuff website: more ghosts than you can shake a possessed stick at.


  1. Ghost stands out to me, particularly.

    I have used Wordle, or programs like it, from time to time, for fun!

    1. I have to check myself on my "just" obsession. If I see that sucker pop up, it's time for a search and destroy mission. ;)