I'm not good with rodents.

The other night I heard the bathroom door creak open while I brushed my teeth and in crept a tiny mouse.

I did several brave things:

1- screamed like my hair was on fire

2- tried to climb on top of the counter and into the sink so it wouldn't climb up my pajama bottoms then into my hair thus into my ear and eat my brain

3- drooled toothpaste while screaming

4- thought what the R#R# is a mouse doing opening doors that are a bazillion times heavier than itself? I clearly have a herculean beast scurrying about

My naked, long suffering, husband groggily got out of bed minutes later to make sure I wasn't having a seizure but the mouse had already gone, flipping me off as he scampered away because I was making such a racket.


  1. I'm stunned. There's actually something in this world that scares you? I may need a nightlight tonight.

  2. Nothing bothers me -- except nasty, horrid beasts with beady eyes and sharp teeth. I nearly had to leave the theater during Ratatouille.

  3. I take it you wouldn't want to hold my pet rats… heh...

  4. Ohh! I like the Halloween themed background! I understand that zombie mice are stronger than their pre-dead counterparts. He might be looking for something to eat... *Pictures a zombie mouse walking stiff legged and groaning "HEADCHEESE"*

  5. That is the worst zombie joke I've ever heard. #winning

    You're just buttering me up for the Ermas contest, aren't you? ;)

  6. I agree with Beth.

    Also, you had me cackling again with the theory of how it would get to your brain. :)

    Thirdly, I love this font. :)

  7. LOL. I dont' mind little fuzzy creatures, but it's still scary when they come out of nowhere. With 12+ cats outside, I usuallyjust see them as offerings, greeting me when I get home. Want a cat? ;)

  8. So watching Mousehunt is obviously out for you too, huh?

    I don't care for rodents, but they don't bother me. I have, on occasion, saved a mouse from cats though.