October crept in early one morning, stuck its finger up my nose and demanded waffles

circa 2004
Okay, it was Vyolette. But the month of October waits for no woman in the Graham household. The girls are already busy designing costumes, plotting tricks on unsuspecting neighbors and mapping out trick-or-treating routes like pros. We've slowed down the festivities, no one has drug out the skellies yet to hide in the trees but I suspect it won't be long now.

I'll be making peanut butter eyeballs for Kindergarten and teaching five-year-olds how to throw random body parts in a bucket for prizes. I get to tell them ghost tales and poems from those little stories I never got around to submitting and make brain cakes and zombie cupcakes for friends.

Now for the big people. I've decided to do my own version of the 13 Days o'Halloween and write up 13 true ghost stories for Wee Ghosties in the last half of the month. My writers are getting into the spirit at An Army of Ermas by dipping their toes into my world with their own ghost stories every Monday/Wednesday/Friday, be sure to check their spooky selves out.

So what are you doing for Halloween? Dressing up and going out or being witch bait?


  1. Bad October! Bad!

    Do zombie cupcakes slow down your average footspeed and coordination skills?

  2. Not really. I'm a bit clumsy anyway. It's difficult to determine which is my natural grace and which is a result of my zombie brain slowly turning to goo.