Pendulum ghosts

I talked the 14-year-old into posing for pendulum photos and a video tonight. It wasn't easy since it had nothing to do with Jaden Smith or Justin Beiber but I lied and told her they totally loved pendulums and talking to dead people. Er, right. She eventually sat down and swung that bad thing like a pro but we didn't have luck in answering questions more burning than:
"Will I become a famous ecologist and live on a submarine with my dog, Pablo?"
"Do ghosts really like cheese and have they seen my glasses?"

The answer to both questions was stillness. Meh, we'll try again tomorrow. As for the video, it's trapped on my phone because of size. Any suggestions?


  1. We have a dog named Pablo here, and he's small enough to fit on a sub. I'll make a few calls.

  2. i cant get my 15 to pose for anything I'm doing even if it means she gets free goods! hmmmmph
    and my phone has a thingie i can plug into it and hook up to pc to get video off (like how technical i am?)

  3. Hmmm, I'll have to ask the teenagers if my phone has a thingie. #justastechnical

  4. Maybe mozzarella stealing spectres are messing with the phone.