Soul-eating clown for one, please.

My buddy LaMishia and I braved the elements and a really bad hair day to head out to the Lucketts Spring Market over the weekend. Nearly 200 vendors rolled out various interpretations of "antiques" and we picked through aluminum-siding die-cut letters that cost $60 apiece and avoided the horribly painted items such as the bright purple armoires that looked like they had been dragged behind a wagon train in an effort to prim them for buyers. But among the small amount of rubble were some real finds and lovely people. 

As we headed for the exit, with only one antique tole-painted doll cradle for my girls to show for market booty, I stumbled upon this little number. 

Baby souls are delicious!

A cast iron bank with original paint and a face that hints at future soul-eating shenanigans. If you stare at it for awhile, its eyes move on their own. Try it. Trrrrrrryyyy iiiiit.

Aside from the market, I updated my website as a way to procrastinate instead of editing. I have no shame.

What did you do over the weekend?


  1. Those things are evil. Evil, I tell ya!

    I spent the weekend going around our local tulip festival.

  2. I love tulips!

    Jenn, I had the same reaction. I kept expecting it to show up at the foot of my bed this morning.