Zombie Tarot: Broken Heart Spread

Valentine's Day isn't for the faint-hearted. Between the bad poetry, flowers, and beggin' for lovin', you're lucky if you can score a kiss from your sugar between picking up the kids and karate practice. For those of us nursing a broken heart, however, the Zombie Tarot may help zero in on what's staggering around the bend or patch together what's left of last week's meal date. 

Broken Heart spread (from the Zombie Tarot):

If you're nursing the pain of a broken heart, take comfort in knowing that things could be worse -- at least you still have a heart. Use this spread to gauge your chances of restoring a troubled relationship. 

1: This card represents the central issue of your relationship
2: This card represents how you see the other person
3: This card represents how they see you
4: This card represents unknown influences upon your relationship
5: This card represents where you want the relationship to go
6: This card represents who can help your relationship
7: This card represents the challenges in your relationship
8: This card represents the outcome of your relationship

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