A Jane Austen ghost story: Now with extra seances!

I love Mrs. Bennet. Maybe it's that she's also the mother of five daughters or that she continually fears that they'll be murdered in their beds (no wonder I sleepwalk due to stress), but that silly woman made me smile all through Pride and Prejudice so I had to put her through a little hell in the story I released today as a Kindle Single, de Bourgh's Revenge: The Haunting of Longbourn

Charlotte Collins, is a bit of a caution herself. With Mrs. Bennet worried about the shade of Lady Cathering de Bourgh in her gardens, how could she not help get to the bottom of it? Now to get around Mr. Collins and his "friend" medium Madame LuPina. 

A fun short story for $.99 for your ereader, whatcha waitin' for?


  1. If any character were to rise up as a spectral ghoul...