All work and no play

The fog is settling in and getting comfortable while snow is still busily falling and clinging to the windows. It seems one accepts that it's a good time to slow down and read a book while the other still thinks it has to impress her mother-in-law with how fabulously frantic she is. Right now I'd rather be the fog instead of the snow. 

Giving Up the Ghost is coming along well. I'm writing the haunted doll chapter right now and while I've never been particularly fond of dolls, some of these stories make their blank little faces more intriguing. One lovely shopkeeper I've interviewed has sent me her diary filled with the spooky accounts of her store that has a little extra activity at night. I can't wait to dig in later this week. Speaking of digging, I have the snowquester to dig myself out of this afternoon. Al Roker and Jim Cantore are nearby -- we're doomed.

Oh, and this may happen by the end of the day:
Photo credit: George Takei

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