I'm sleepwalking again. 

At 1:13a this morning I found myself about to wake the girls to head out the door for Take Your Kids to Work day with their father, who was blissfully unaware of my wandering feet. I couldn't figure out why Bryan wouldn't get the heck out of bed AND WHERE IS THE COFFEE and I like salamanders. After the salamander thought flit through my head, I realized something was up and went back to bed. I found myself wandering the house again a few hours later looking for the freaking salamanders.

I was a big sleepwalker as a kid. I'd awake in the yard with my ancient cat looking at me like I was off my nut but standing guard until I picked my way back over the bushes and through the sliding glass door to the kitchen. Now Vyo has taken up the reigns and goes on midnight walkabouts. Remember the scene in Paranormal Activity when Katie stands over the sleeping Micah for hours? Vyolette does that to me. I only peed a little when I woke up to THAT.

Were you a sleepwalker or a sleeping beauty?


  1. I'm not a sleepwalker, but I do tend to talk in my sleep.

  2. When I was a kid I had many more episodes of sleepwalking. I remember once, my dad asked me where I was going (I was out of bed and headed down the hallway). I pronounced, "I'm going to the BARN, Dad." (insert snotty pre-teen attitude)

    Needless to say, we didn't have a barn. (Had *never* had a barn, even.)

    Now, it's more the Ambien that has me doing stuff after it has kicked in but before I lay down to sleep. It's been mostly limited to buying songs off of iTunes or books from Amazon, thankfully. No driving or crazy binge eating like other horror stories.

    I have woken up to entire poems written in my handwriting with no memory of having done so, though. That's always interesting.

    1. Ha! I blogged about writing in my sleep awhile ago: http://staceyigraham.blogspot.com/2010/12/there-once-was-boy-named-boogers-mcgoo.html

      Ever find that barn?