Bob the Elusive Mountain Cow

Part of a poem I wrote in college after a camping trip to Crater Lake in which I was stalked by Bob the Elusive Mountain Cow:

Home again, home again, lickity split
To soak my big toe because it did split (I broke it the night before I left)

Here it now sits all purple and bruised 
I search for the polish I know it did lose


And then there were odd festive bits about random cows that kept wandering the roads leading to the crater. Someone should really look into that. This was also the trip where I (as a first-time solo camper) told myself ghost stories until I freaked myself out at the campsite and fell asleep with my head in a bag full of marshmallows. I awoke to discover my hair a mass of marshmallow goo and no shower in sight so I spent the rest of my trip dodging bovines with a sweet tooth. 

Now we're home from vacation, polish intact, and only a slight twitch from being in the car for 17 hours. One tiny sidetrip to see an alligator farm (never found it) and we were in the wilds of northern Florida for an extra three hours. 

I did, however, high five a stingray the day before. 

And hit the beach with the girls and the husband

And met new friends at Busch Gardens

What did you do for Spring Break?


  1. Our college break here happens in February, so it's before the break in the States, though I imagine the March break here is probably the same as there for public school.

    Looks like you had fun! A ray looks like a peculiar aquatic critter on either side!

    1. It is indeed. There was a tank where kids could stand at the edge and tickle them as they floated by. It completely squicked out the first grader: day made. ;)