It's getting all renegade-y up in here.

Dear "Sculpt Sexy Arms" article that half-promised me Michelle Obama arms by July: I'll have you know
that the "Renegade Row" push-up/arm torture has left me with a sore core, aching wrists, and frightened 7-year-old when she saw how renegade-y I was by the end of the reps. I think the swearing may have something to do with it. My dogs, however, would like to thank you for the chance to nip at my posterior while in the aforementioned "Renegade" position. They're lucky I was too busy trying to ignore the hand cramps as I clutched the dumbbells and tried to remain in the push-up position and not collapse on the floor. What sweet hell have you wrought, Women's Health?


  1. I pinched a nerve in my back trying to do similar renegadey moves. Enough of that!

    1. I'll meet you at our *new* gym in ten minutes.

  2. Renegade Row? This is what gets put into Women's Health magazine?