Write or clean the oven? Hmm...

Help! I'm stuck in a mad cleaning phase now that northern Virginia has leapt into an early spring. I have the insane need to scrub under sinks with more vigor than usual and am flirting with the idea of a garden and making a beegum. I'm becoming disgustingly Martha-like with plans of hand-painting poetry-laden scarves and developing my line of handmade dowsing rods (coming soon!) for the Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide's website. It's a sickness.

Today I chatted with my too too fabulous publicist at Quirk Books about ideas for the upcoming Zombie Tarot. I'll be doing blog tours and readings, let me know if you'd like to be on the list for me to visit your site and I'll load up the zombies. The deck comes out June 5th, just in time for the summer bar-b-ques; nothing like the smell of fresh zombie on the grill. Trust me. There isn't.

My lovely and talented publicist at Sourcebooks is working hard toward the May 1st release of the Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide. My activity workbooks and party planning guide should be available soon to download so get ready to put the boo in your boogie this summer, my friends.

I've been kicking around ideas for my newest book and have some excellent options. Today, I added two more that I think will do quite well for kids and adults. Now to wrap up edits on No Rest for the Wicked anthology and it's into the cave for proposal writing!

What's your favorite cleaning tip?


  1. To NOT knock the antique cuckoo clock off the diningroom wall while dusting. The cuckoo doesn't cuckoo and the tick doesn't tock, and the chain is broken. GAH! Selena's can be so shtoopid!