I'm Daft for Taft

While you can't exactly call William Howard Taft a zombie, his crawling out of the muck and staggering toward a press conference on the White House lawn 100 years after his disappearance is one hell of a way to make an entrance. Jason Heller's new book Taft 2012: A Novel explores the possibility of awakening a man whose presidency was known more for girth than political Goliath. Plunging the former president into the technological abyss and the new way to play politics, Heller exposes Taft to cable news television, Twitter and Twinkies. When a grass roots campaign begins in his name for himself and his great granddaughter, Congresswoman Rachel Taft, he again wants to connect to the country yet can he stomach the thought of another presidency?

Heller's book presents a nation down on its luck and looking for a hero, namely the steadfast and practical moderate found in Taft as a man of the people who is respected in the current day far more than when he held the presidency in the 20th century. Rachel Taft's nemesis is the food industry, her fight for better regulations keeps Taft involved with the very real problems facing the United States. Heller weaves this information throughout the book, so while it's not slapping you in the face -- you're getting the message.

I enjoyed the book, becoming a fan of Big Bill as I had hoped from the outset. There were a few bits I thought unnecessary and some loose ends (like how did they overlook him for 100 years) though they didn't detract much from the overall feel. A good book for this election year, give it a twirl!


You may have noticed my magnificent mustache. It's okay. Gaze upon its beauty.

I am giving away a copy of Taft 2012: A Novel to a lucky winner! The rules are easy:

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Deadline: February 29, 2012. Winner announced March 1, 2012.

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  1. Pff. I've got this in the bag. ;)

    1. That is quite the luxurious mustache you have there, Madam.

  2. And here I'm no good with photoshop! Sounds like a fun book!

    1. A perfect opportunity to cut out that mustache and pin it to your lip!

  3. Mustaches are in for women, I hear.

  4. I'm halfway through this book and really enjoying it. His media cutaways are so on the money, though, I have to put it down occasionally because the political snarkery eats my brain. ;)