Highway to Hello Kitty

I love the young people. Which probably explains why I gave birth to so many of them. Today, I visited Vyolette's Kindergarten class where I will be a weekly guest reader until my eyeballs dry up. I can test out new picture book material, play with people my own ADD level and cheat at Duck Duck Goose with a wider group of children than my own. Besides, I'm there so often they're about to give me my own cubby.

Today, a nearly toothless young man asked me if I could whistle. Damn straight, I can. It may be my one musical claim to fame that I can whistle the hell out of anything. It's a big change from my early childhood when I followed my father and my older brother around the house proclaiming I had the chops to tweet with the big boys.
"I CAN WHISTLE! WATCH ME! No, over here. I'm short, look down."
Then I'd then squeal through pursed lips until they ran away nodded appreciatively.

The conversation with the Kindergartners got a little fuzzy after that. It morphed into beegums and aliens wearing underpants but next week, I will turn that classroom on its head and we shall work on our performance piece. I just can't decide between "Purple Rain" or "Highway to Hello Kitty" (that would make an awesome band name).

What can you whistle?

Image credit: harveymillican.wordpress.com


  1. Let's see, I'd probably start with Take The A Train... some good Ellington is always called for.

    A class full of kindergarteners is my idea of a personal hell, but then again, I'm not very kid-friendly....

    1. I'd like to incorporate jazz hands into the final production. Thoughts?