Get your Viking on! Ice Picks anthology released today

"Well that was creepy."

Hopefully they're talking about my recent story, Betrayal, in Ice Picks: Most Chilling Stories from the Ice Plaza, and not my cooking. I won't take it too personally.

Released into the wild in its Kindle form today, those who like to ruffle the pages of a paperback will be able to get their tactile groove on soon.

Ready for a bit of a tease?

“What the holy Hell is that?” Cutting off the man mid-sentence, Muldoon pointed to a slab of rough ice across the hotel’s wide foyer. “Is there something in there?” Crossing under the chandelier and ignoring his wife as she tried to grab his parka to pull her across the floor, he slid closer and ran his hands over the six-foot long block of ice.

“Sir, that’s part of the new exhibit we’re installing. You’ll have to wait for the Grand Opening ceremony tomorrow to see it,” said the bellman. His shift nearing its end, he was ready to dump the tourists and head to the bar himself. Hours of explaining how to use a frozen toilet to guests can wear a man down.

“Fine… yeah. We’ll wait then,” Muldoon said. Scraping the ice with the soft edge of his glove, he couldn’t shake the feeling that the dark figure frozen inside had been looking at him.

Oooooh - spooky.

There are bits of naughtiness running all through this story, have some fun and check it out along with the other fine storytelling prowess of Jeremy Shipp, Todd Austin Hunt, Damien Walters Grintalis and more!