It all started with a little boo...

Long before zombies stumbled into my life, I was writing little poems for kids -- usually centered around Halloween. As "Boo-ing" swept across the states years ago, I wrote my own for our neighborhood and whipped up a ghostie to accompany it in the goodie bag.

From my website, "You have been Boo'd":

Halloween is the perfect time for good little goblins to come out and play. Spread the fun by leaving a bag of goodies with the Wee Ghostie poem and drawing below on the doorstep of a friend or neighbor's house the week before Halloween but don't let them see you! Click on the ghostie below and save to your computer, then print him out to add to your goodie bag!

Goodie bag ideas:
Halloween DVDs
Coloring pages
Fake vampire teeth
Halloween makeup

Include this poem and the directions with your Wee Ghostie bag:

It all started with a little BOO
A knock upon the door and off they flew!
Halloween is almost here, the leaves are flying by
The pumpkins are ripe, there’s a witch in the sky!
Wee Ghostie came by the light of the moon
Put him in your window, it’s not too soon!

You have been BOO'd!

Choose two families and pass on a treat, make a copy of the ghostie and add it in so they can join in the fun! Put your Wee Ghostie in the window so others will know you’re part of the party!

What traditions do you love at Halloween?

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  1. Dressing up was always my tradition, if you can even call it that, but having lived outside the US for three years, those things all fell away. I'm excited to experience the holidays US-style again!