z-NOM-bie cupcakes

I think I've finally turned the bend to crazytown.

I'm being interviewed tomorrow by a local newspaper and was requested to bring a copy of Hungry For Your Love and cupcakes. Apparently my baking skills have proceeded me. Thus I'm happy to comply on both counts. The girls chose the flavor (chocolate fudge for "dirt" of course. I had to stop Vyolette from being a method baker and going outside for more "flavor") and I picked up gummy eyeballs and the nastiest looking gummy hand I've ever seen. To be honest, this was the first gummy hand I've ever seen so sets the benchmark on vileness.

All went well as you can see:
Okay, so the grass is actually green but Photoshop got a little carried away...

Get it? "...as you can SEE?" I kill me.

Tune in soon for a link to the article where I hope that I don't look like a complete dork. Stop laughing.


  1. Mmmmm .... nom, nom, nom! Now ... you just need some of these and you'll be set!


  2. Looks "bloody" good. It'll really freak out the post man when my free sample from you begins oozing inside the mailbox. ;-)