Poe Haiku and contest at Innsmouth Free Press

I'm late to the haiku game. My friend, Melanie Hooyenga, excels at it and has dedicated a blog to her haiku homage but I resisted. Eventually I came around as the zombies begged for a chance to try the 5-7-5 syllabic poems and the Zombie Dating Guide haikus took over my life.

Today I found the Innsmouth Free Press Poe Haiku contest via twitter. The heavens opened up (as I love Poe) and I let loose three poems that had nary a zombie. Care to try your hand? The contest closes October 15th and there are prizes, Internet! YAY! It's a dandy little website so take a look around, don't be shy!

My entries:

Children of Poe seek
Refuge in darkness while they
Paint eyes black and weep

The subtle ticking
Of secrets hidden beneath
The floor rots within

Poe was mistaken
It was no raven that brought
The gloom, it was but the night

Okay, I didn't say they were good. Show me those Poe poems, people! It's on like Donkey Kong...

photo credit: reddit


  1. Fun! But woe, I have
    no darkness lurking in me.
    Where is that raven?

  2. I'm behind the times trying to pump up my novel with more words...as always you never cease to amaze me.

    Michele a/k/a Shelly