Queen of zomBcon... well, almost.

What does Bruce Campbell, George Romero and myself all have in common? Not a thing until zomBcon, my friend. After last weekend's zombie-fest in Seattle, we still have very little in common but I do have a handy program guide with my name several pages away from theirs so I'm running with it.

Seattle was lovely and rainy (I expected nothing less) and stepping through puddles with friends made the experience infinitely richer. New friends and fellow panelists, Jesse Petersen - author of Married With Zombies, S.G. Browne - author of Breathers and the newly released Fated (you go buy nooooooooow), and Scott Kenemore of The Zen of Zombies and The Code of the Zombie Pirate (damn you for being funnier than me) made my first con fantastic.


Being accosted by Chuck Palahniuk of Fight Club fame.

My first book signing for Hungry For Your Love with the fabulous people at Barnes & Noble

Finally meeting one of my favorite people in person, Scott Browne

A dinner of "precious nuts in a pearly pool." I couldn't resist that, could I?

The plane trip home with a raging cold and my attempts to NaNo while my nose drooled. Good times, people. Goooood times.

ZomBfied by a hottie named Dexter.
 Click to see it better, if you like.  =]

Thank you, zomBcon!


  1. I'm so excited for your signings! When ya comin' to MN? ;)

  2. You brought a cold home from your trip, too? We need to learn how to pick better souvenirs.

  3. My agent is there so it's not out of the realm of possibilities! I may start traveling with the zebra if this keeps up and I can shove the jade plant under the seat.

  4. Kel, I just saw your tweet that you were in NYC! I think they should bubble-wrap us all.

  5. Yay! You really do need to post a picture of the program. :)

  6. hehehe, okay. That and the precious nuts coming up. (twhs)

  7. This is all just so very cool. I am so happy for you! Huzzah - and you met the awesome Chuck!!!!

  8. It was so cool, Stace, and the event finally brought us together, like in person and stuff!!

  9. Sounds like a great time. Love all the pics. Colds, however, are not good souvenirs. You must vanquish it! Both you and Kelly.

  10. Stacey, sorry I missed your book signing visit here in Seattle. :(

    I saw this link and thought of you, maybe you've already seen it?

  11. Julianna, we'll meet up next time! They tell me once you're in the con circuit, there's no escaping... ;)

    Thanks for the link, those are great! I have a few coming out for ZDG in the next week or so, I'll be making some Christmas cards and, perhaps, a YouTube with Undead Fred's Greatest Hits.

  12. Thanks for posting the program, that was so cool to see your name everywhere! I'm so thrilled for you! :)