The Girls' Ghost Guide - looking for interviewees ages 10-14 yrs

The glare of lightning ripped through the night-filled house. Flattening myself against the far wall, I watched with my team as a figure pulled from the darkness and into a blurry slow-motion sprint. A woman in torn, bloody clothing stumbled with her arms outstretched, her mouth open in a silent scream as her unseen attacker chased her down the hall. The vision lasted seconds but the residual haunting had imprinted itself upon the house, always replayed when storms kicked up the atmosphere on a fingertip of land jutting into the Chesapeake Bay.  My breath escaped in a single quick rush as the temperature in the room returned to normal from the chilly air moments before. Giving my colleagues a quick wink, I knew this wasn’t going to be our average haunting. Writing down my notes, I suspected I would be interrogated later by the most severe skeptics – my five daughters at home who waited impatiently for my return with new stories of the paranormal.

THAT is how I started off my latest proposal for The Girls' Ghost Guide and it's getting a nice sliver of notice.  Thus I'd love to include y'all! I'm looking for girls, ages 10-14, with questions regarding:

    * ghosts
    * animal ghosts
    * spirit photography
    * how to conduct an investigation
    * what the heck do you do on an investigation
    * are television ghost hunters real or just good tv?

The Girls' Ghost Guide website will launch soon with quizzes, contests, photos and a question/answer forum.

Please email me for more information on contributing to The Girls' Ghost Guide at

Please visit Ask a Ghost Hunter and its sister site, Wee Ghosties : A Beginner's Guide to Ghost Hunting for more on my career as a ghost hunter.

Note: This is still in the proposal stage and does not have a book deal.... but I like to plan ahead. ;)


  1. Stacey...
    I was sent a link to your blog by my fabulous psuedo-little sis, Melanie Hooyenga. My daughter,Syd, is 14 and is a Junior Investigator with the Texas Paranormal Research Team (I head up our Houston Chapter.)She also spent her first 9yrs living in a haunted house in Michigan... during that time she communicated with and spent many days physically playing with the spirits of two children who "lived" with us. If you are still looking for girls to interview, I'm sure Syd would be more than happy to help out. Feel free to email us @ if there is anything we can do to help you. Thanks so much for your time and best of luck with your new writing adventure. ~Jenn

  2. Thanks Jenn! I'll be in contact. =]