What was that zooming by? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

What a crazy month this has been. The proposal was finished, edited within an inch of its life and after a few cocktails, I queried two agents. One was on vacation until the following week (and eventually passed after hearing from Skippy the Intern) and the other asked me for a finished proposal five minutes after I sent the email.



What have I done.

Luckily the now to be known as "Awesome Agent " sent a pdf on how to format a proposal the way she wanted it so I spent several hours tearing apart my old proposal, re-formatted and off it went. Days later, I realized not only had Word re-formatted the proposal after I transferred it to the email (I know better, GAH!), I had transposed my phone number digits. No agent would ever work with such a doofus. Note: she had it in the original email plus my address, website, email address again in case she'd printed it off and didn't want to search for it in the thousands of queries she'd gotten that month. I like to cover my bases.

A week went by. A mere week, when AA emailed that she would like to see the finished book if it was ready. Oh yes. I was ready. More hours of editing, formatting for her Sony Reader and even more editing then it was sent off again. Yes, I checked my phone number. And now we wait.

In the meantime, I thought I'd relax by starting Ermas (post below) who are now up to 24 writers; write a newsletter for Berryville Main Street (small biz); write lots of lovely new essays for Ermas and get back to Pocket Full of Posies by using Tarot for Writers since it's a tarot/romance.

What's up in your world this week?


  1. feelin like a lazy ass compared to you L.

  2. I'll be recovering from reading about your week!! Congrats with AA!!