An Army of Ermas

I was having an Erma moment.

Kids finally back in school after a week off due to Sno-zilla and only the preschooler climbing on my head telling me she wants to marry Darth Vader, I realized that my life isn't much different than my beloved Bombeck and the stack of unpubbed parenting stories on my hard drive weren't getting any younger. After chatting with a friend on facebook, we hit upon the idea of starting a new humor blog that is Erma-esque but brought into the 21st century. I wanted to showcase the talents of new writers and those with a few chuckles under their belts already so asked some writer and mom-type friends if they'd be interested in contributing to An Army of Ermas. The response has been overwhelming and they're bringing friends!

I'd better start chilling more margaritas - these girls have a gleam in their eyes.

Stop by and say hello! If you are a writer looking to get your feet wet and work with some of the funniest writers in the business, please give me a jingle and we'll get you set up. You needn't be a mom or even female but funny helps. ;)


  1. Swung by to say hello to a fellow mom with all girls. I have only three, but that's enough to feel deeply for my husband.

    We have a female dog, too.
    ~ Wendy

  2. LOL, we have two female dogs so my husband feels the need for testosterone daily. Great to meet you!