New blog name for Flibbity Gibbet contest

If you've read the blog for any length of time, you'll know I can't resist a good contest (i.e. Erma) so while tossing around my new URL ( for everyone's bookmarks) I decided to have my own contest to rename this sucker.

Deadline: February 20th because I have the attention span of indoor/outdoor carpet

Prize: Your very own copy of Hungry For Your Love (ebook)

You may post below or on my facebook page and good luck!


  1. Spicy Quesadillas and Other Things That Belong in a Blog.

    Wishin' I Was Back in Oregon so I can Pick Marion Berries by the River and Cheer for the Beavers.

    If You're A Zombie, You Don't Have the Guts To Read This Blog

    BTW, What will this new blog be about?


    It's the writing blog you're on right now. I wanted to spicy quesadilla it up a bit with a new name. :)