Egads! It's 2010.

*Looks around*

Yep, looks like 2009 is still hanging around begging for a cookie at my house. The Wii accouterments are scattered about the living room, the tree is looking more bedraggled than it did two weeks ago when it had all its needles (and it's a fake tree) and I have a few more writer-ly things to do before I can officially put this bad boy to bed: update freelance contacts, cull the weak and boring from my twitter lists (sorry, but time is money and I don't care what you smell like unless it's Daniel Craig fresh from the shower - in that case, describe like crazy. Very. Slowly.) and make copies of all contracts that have been hanging out on my desktop for months to file.

What have you done to move forward with a shiny new year?

Resolutions are for weinies but in case you're keeping score, I'll wing a few.
  • Finish edits on the Zombie Dating Guide
  • Find agent for aforementioned ZDG
  • Awesome book contract for ZDG
  • Drink myself silly celebrating the huge advance toward Zombiekind
  • Finish Pocket Full of Posies before I die
  • Finish at least one round of Jillian Michael's Wii fitness thingy before I die
A fellow freelance writer at Absolute Write, Angie Mansfield, went above and beyond on our annual Freelance Gift Swap and I scored not only The Zen of Zombie: Better Living Through the Undead* but also the lovely A Working Writer's Daily Planner 2010: Your Year in Writing to which I have already written in red ink - January 4th - Erma Bombeck Writing Competition. Bring it, 2010!

May 2010 be full of exciting prospects, good health and many many many sales!

*Why did "Porno Addiction Therapy" come up on the Amazon page under resources? Jenkies!


  1. Awesome!!!
    LUV it!
    You're tooo funny :)
    as for me, no resolutions...but lots of good stuff coming

  2. Bonus! You got some great stuff. And I think you can manage that list. I'm ready for 2010, too. Let's do this thing!