New year - brand new awesome writing organization!

Yeah, I know. I like to set my titles a little over the top so I can point and laugh in a few months when I'm back to piles of paper decorated with festive coffee rings. A few of you have been asking about the blackboard and how that bad boy is working out for me so I took a quick snap of it this morning.

I'm all for child labor, so Daughter #3 helped with organizing the beast that is becoming the Zombie Dating Guide by writing on the board. Since I usually write point A --> point B, all these sections were overwhelming on the computer and I needed to get them out there in chalkdust flavored goodness.

So what's on the agenda for your new year writing organization? Shiny new planners? A fabulous journal? A rainbow of sticky-notes?


  1. That board is so awesome. :D

    I haven't thought about such things yet, and refuse to do so until the night of December 30th! ;-)

    Happy hols to you, the girls and the hubby!


  2. This year I plan to be totally organized with a new white board, sticky notes and wall calendar. That's the plan anyway!

  3. Susan, I had a link on the blog to a white board that attached to the side of the monitor -- uber geeky but awesome!

  4. Where did you get the awesome blackboard? STeal it from an old school?
    I want one.

  5. Gayla, my husband volunteers for Habitat for Humanity and they give a discount (for volunteers) at their ReStore shops. We picked this one up for a song!