Open letter to future besties based on Facebook sidebar recommendations

Hello, random people on my sidebar! Facebook is positive we'll be besties in no time so there are a few things I should tell you before I hit the "friend me" button:

- I hate being tickled. I will throw up on you, and then possibly junkpunch you for being a jerk

- I like to eat weird food, so if you have a hankering for haggis, I'm your girl.

- I had no nickname growing up. I am cool with that, so don't try to call me the Staceter or Stace-a-rooni or Spacey. Refer to highlight #1, with less vomit.

- I love my readers and live for the day that I see one of the tarot cards as a festive tattoo. Just not on the face since your job prospects may go down and I'll feel semi-responsible for feeding you.

It's go-time, new friends! Except the guy without a shirt on. You'll have to wait. 


  1. Haggis?


    To quote King Arthur: "Run away! Run away!"

  2. I agree with the tickling, I also hate having my face touched. I could hobble someone for that.

  3. I nearly decapitated my ophthalmologist today for poking me in the eyeball. Give a girl a warning, eh?