Ode to *shudder* snow

I hate the snow 
I will not play
I won't go out 
On this cold day

I will not watch
As friends sled by
I will not pout
I will not sigh

To see them climb
Upon the hill
And race right down
Until they spill

Onto the snow
With such delight
I'll not go out
Without a fight

I will not warm
My mittens first
With no hot cocoa
To slake my thirst

Try as I might
I will resist
To put on boots
With iron fists

And then to feel
The slap and sting
Of snowflakes falling
While wind does sing

One day I'll join them
By hook or crook
But today belongs
To one good book


  1. Strangely funny!

    I doubt it would help if I said I hope spring takes its time showing up.

    1. I'm looking for the nearest exit to Fiji. I'll send you my snowflakes. ;)