Why is my child licking an ice pick?

Today was an exceptionally good day for mail. My new phone arrived--one with fancy apps and the ability to Pinterest while I'm at the dentist's office. Now if I can attach a keyboard and a word processing program to it, I'd really be in business on the go. Right now I'm uploading Frank Sinatra's Got the World on a String and am looking for ghost apps. I'm in chats with clever people about possibly creating one for the GIRL'S GHOST HUNTING GUIDE and I'm kicking around ideas for a new project if it gets picked up. It'll be more of a tips apps instead of locating ghosts in a room since I'm pretty vocal on why those aren't worth the $.99 paid for it. Use your hands, people. You don't need a phone to tell you if it's colder in one spot than another.  ;)

You may have noticed the child licking ICE PICKS. Well, not ice picks. That would be terrible parenting. My story, Betrayal, is included in this great horror anthology. If you like your freaks on ice, this bad boy is for you. I'm hiding behind NO REST FOR THE WICKED, the haunted object anthology I edited for Rainstorm Press. I can't tell you how proud I am of these authors and their work, please check it and ICE PICKS out for your autumnal reading pleasure. 

Sinatra's warbling I've Got You Under My Skin. God, I love that man. 

I'm off to dance. Join me?

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  1. I've Got You Under My Skin... one of my favourites from Old Blue Eyes.