Busy season in the ghost business: muddy tunnels and window hops

The ghost biz is ramping up early this year. Whether it's because we've jumped into fall and Halloween or the elections are making people uneasy, I'm hearing more stories about the other side making contact. 

Are they really reaching out to say howdy or are we just more aware of it? I think a lot of it has to do with our perception of what is now socially acceptable. Ten years ago, you'd hear stories of distant family members running into a ghost on a dark night, but rarely would I talk so someone who had encountered it themselves. Now with the influx of ghost hunting television shows and websites, such as mine at Wee Ghosties, having a ghost for a roommate isn't such a big deal. We're more prepared to face it than hide under the covers, better yet, we're able to discuss it with others without being labeled as a loony. Well, most of us. ;)

In the past week, I've encountered two cases of what may be parasomnia: night terrors in adults that result in violent behavior on the part of the sleeper that may lead to them leaping out of windows and other acts. When I first read about it, I thought adding a ghost to the mix would be a great story line. Then I was re-acquainted with a woman a few days later who had done the window hop.  She told me two figures in her dream had told her to go with them so she did -- out a two-story window. There may be more of a connection that I thought. This definitely needs more research before pen makes its way to paper but the question of "what if" is already there.

In other news, I was interviewed by my friend, Josette Keelor, for an article in the Northern Virginia Daily. It has all sorts of goodies I'm working on so please pop over and see what mischief I'm up to. 

Question: Do you think you may have parasomnia? Have you heard of someone whose nightmares are so crazy violent that they may hurt themselves? I'd love to chat. Please email me at stacey.i.graham[at]gmail.com. 


  1. I have dreams that I remember and come true. I even smell things. ***shrugs*** But I've never hurt myself. Good luck with the adventure.

    But when I lived in a haunted house, I got a visit almost every night in my sleep from the previous owner. He swung a rabbit foot on a string. And I'd wake up every morning at 3 am. Come to find out, an older gentlemen died in that house.

    Hugs and chocolate,



  2. Now that's creepy. I wonder if you were haunted by the rest of the rabbit too?

  3. I've never heard of that condition....