Ode to a sinus infection

There was a little Neti pot
Its spout was cold as ice

They promised it would heal my world
But all I found was vice

I gathered up my courage
I swore I wouldn't flip

But all I found was evil
As my nose began to drip

Well I've had better Januarys. I've spent the last few weeks in a sinus infection-induced haze of vertigo and cold meds and it has made me make a few questionable choices such as sending off a ghost story instead of a more historical piece (will be remedied this weekend) and buying a truckload of essential oils to make my hair grow long and lustrous. Right now I smell like a field of flowers barfed on my head.

Promotion for the Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide is kicking into full gear, I have a meeting next week to bandy ideas about with Sourcebooks. My husband is ready to market the heck out of the chicken ghost on the Today Show though I'm trying to talk him out of sewing a rooster waddle onto a ski mask and frightening children in the crowd. We're planning on hitting the plaza in late May/early June so stay tuned for us being drug away by New York's finest on camera.

Remember the Ghost in a Jar auction on eBay years ago? It launched a thousand tiny cottage industries with t-shirts and spin-offs. How does something so silly get so out of hand? Genius, my friend. I wish I had thought of it.  Maybe Bryan's onto something?


  1. You're hitting the Today Show? Fantastic!!

    I'm sorry this has been such a rough month for you. I'd warm up the neti pot for you if I could.

    1. You are a prince among men, Mel. Wait. Nevermind.

      Come to NYC with us!

  2. Oh, those are no fun! I've had it before, and there were times I felt like hitting my head against the wall because of the aches. Anything to lose conciousness!

    1. I've tried a different tactic. Instead of putting the oils on my hair, I'm sniffing peppermint essential oil or a combination of lemon, rosemary, cinnamon, eucalyptus and clove called the Thieves blend. So far, so good. I'm all for antibiotics but when they fail, it's time to try something new.


  3. "Waddle Terrorizes Wee Ones" Yep, I can see the headlines already. No such thing as bad publicity, they say. ;)

  4. my sinus cavity is always a mess.I use the Neti..but the spray bottle not the flush...one time i decided that plain water would do just fine....OHHH do not under any circumstance make the same decision!! I ended up on the floor in a ball. I am a genius what can i say?
    ANywho like the chicken and the HENS . It all sounds so simple but people soo freak out when there is a bump in the night. So i think Chicken Ghost is cute n comforting. I'd luv to mention it on my blog when its ready :O) http://jerseygirlgoneparanormal.blogspot.com/

    Good luck w the sinus thing :OP Hope urs gets better.

    1. Thanks, kenzo! I'd be happy to send you a copy if you'd like to review the book, pop me an email at stacey.i.graham@gmail.com with your email address. =D

      I'm moving away from the Neti and went in for a nasal spray today. My past experiences with saline spray left me with a giant bruise on my head after I smacked it on the fridge when it came out too fast. I need to learn to pace myself. ;)

    2. yes that would be great :O) thank u!! sending u an email......