How Daniel Craig is helping my writing process

Last night, as I was feverishly wading out of an inner ear infection and rampant vertigo, I started concentrating on my next project to get my mind off of falling out of bed. It occurred to me that the process for fiction may be broken down into manageable chunks, or in this case – hunks.


Any questions? Naturally there's more to good writing than just staring at a perfectly formed man and... what was I saying? Anyway, Mr. Craig will be soon be framed and hung (hush now) over my bed monitor in case I need a little inspiration. 

Which part of the body are you on in your manuscript?


  1. ::stares::

    Wait, what? We're talking about writing?


    What's the question again?

  2. Now that's a guaranteed way to bring in the ladies with that title and that pic.

    I've had vertigo. Not fun at all...

  3. Oh, I love this! I'm going to try something similar....

  4. Oh wow - I almost didn't read the words and was enjoying the view. ;-) Nice job.

  5. Thank you, ladies and William. It was an enjoyable post to write. ;)

  6. Well ... if it works for the ladies, it must certainly workk for the gentlemen. I'll have to go searching for a photo of my own!

  7. Daniel Craig...what an inspiration...sigh...

    1. Forget waterfalls and laughing children, I'm using him for all my inspirational needs in the future. ;)