There once was a boy named Boogers McGoo

Ever wake up with a brilliant idea for a story and by the time you've made coffee, it's gone? Happens to me constantly - I'll be in that fuzzy twilight of sleep, somewhere between Daniel Craig telling me it'll only hurt a little (kerSNAP) and wondering if we're out of orange juice, when the perfect line or plot sneaks in and waggles itself at me before running off. I've tried notebooks on the bed table and get something resembling Manson Family scribbles on the pad, a voice recorder that gets more of my husband snoring or me mumbling insanities because I don't think it's running (when it is), and waking the aforementioned husband up so he'll remember for me. Yeah. That went over well.

"Bryan. BRYAAAAAAAAN. Are you up? Good. Remember this for me: Boogers McGoo."

"You want to have sex?" he said.

"No. How do you fathom that I want to have sex? I said 'Boogers McGoo.'"

"You say weird stuff all the time. I might as well get some lovin' of it."

"Shut up. Go back to sleep."

A snore ripping from him seconds later - God, I hope that was a snore - assures me he's done just that.

So, what do you do when perfection flirts with you? I don't mean Daniel Craig (at least not this time) but that line that came so easily at an inopportune time or place?


  1. OMG, I nearly inhaled a Triscuit at the Daniel Craig kersnap.

    What were we talking about?

    Um, maybe you should call me in the middle of the night because my mind is a steel trap. I don't get a lot of ideas, but they do tend to stick. When I'm plotting a new novel I tend to get a lot more ideas, so a notebook near the bed (and in my purse) helps.

  2. I already have you on speed dial so if you get an incoherent mumble from me in the middle of the night, just ignore the heavy breathing and transcribe like there's no tomorrow.

    Triscuits for the WIN!

    And thank you, I like it too! =D

  3. LOL! Oh, to be a fly on your wall.

    Just a few nights ago my genius, sleeping brain came up the perfect tagline. Floof! It's gone. :( I haven't figured out any good tricks yet.

  4. The flies have been chased away by the stinkbugs. I still can't get rid of the little buggers, don't they know it's December?

  5. I used to write down a few ideas from my dreams, then I looked at them in cold daylight. They were better off left in the night, LOL. But Boogers McGoo, that's a keeper! BTW, love the new blog decor; so chic for the new year!

  6. You mean you expected him to remember something and didn't give him an incentive? Pfft.

    I carry a notebook and pen at all times, and have a little LED bedside light, should the idea fairy come in the evening. ;)


  7. LMAO!!! That like when I make the mistake of looking at the clock.

    "You wanna have sex?"

    I have a pen and pad of paper by the bed for when those ideas strike. Does me no good if I don't turn on the light when I write. My brother used to have a cool pen with a light beam of sorts when you put it to paper - I should get me one of them!