Zombie love songs

Here I was, mindlessly noting the feed streaming in my TweetDeck, when a tweeter mentioned the song "Pocket Full of Sunshine" in the movie Easy A. I immediately started humming and rolling the words around in my head. It was that simple. An earworm had been planted and it sucked up braincells.

How can something so basic as a song be that insidious? And how can I use this for good instead of evil in my work? I've decided the zombies need a theme song - something that brings Undead lovin' to mind when you hear it on the radio.

 Just a Zombie -- Taylor Swift parody

Zombie Love Song by ochoa830

Mickey by Toni Basil because I'm evil that way

And, naturally, Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye

Do we have a clear winner? What's your choice for your WIP?


  1. What, no "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga? OK. Then I'll pick "Mickey" by Toni Basil. Just because the stomping would be the easiest zombie way to get jiggy with it. ;)

  2. Gaga was too easy. Besides, I didn't want that earworm back, it took months to get... ra ra ohh laa laaaaa.

    Damn you, Beth.

  3. I'm with Beth... "Mickey"
    and dammit now I've got pocketful of sunshine stuck in my head...saw the movie 3 times w/Christa took days to get out and now it's back...dammit

  4. If I'm choosing among the offerings, definitely Mickey. There's something very zombiesque about it. But my top three are Surfin Dead by The Cramps, Down with the Sickness by Richard Cheese (remake Dawn of the Dead) and Down in Mexico (Grindhouse-Kurt Russell)

  5. *Loves Mickey is unashamed of it.*